Are YOU willing to help?   We need to re-create the project Steering Committee that was formed but lapsed due to the time it took to negotiate purchase of the land.   While the Withington Parish Council will retain responsibility for the overall project and in particular will control the use of grant money, the Steering Committee will be the group who recommends what we actually create on the land, the priorities and who we employ to work on it.  

   They will ensure that what we do responds to the communities wishes and in particular involves and enthuses the youth.   They will help to raise the money.   On the Steering Committee we need parents, one or two teenagers and people who can bring useful advice and contacts.   We would like most of the contracted work to be done by local people.   The committee needs people who can help to specify work and are in touch with local agricultural contractors. 

   Apart from the committee we will also need people who are prepared to give a bit of time to do some of the physical work.   For example, we will probably need to lay pathways to avoid muddy tracks. Some of this we can do by forming working parties.   Might you be willing to help?

   If you are willing to help, please do one of the following:

  •    Send me or our Parish Clerk an email (see contact details
  •    Leave your name and contact with Di in the Withington Post Office
  •    Come to a Parish Council Meeting and discuss it

Exciting times ahead, particularly for the young people.        Rob Soutar This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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